Charged with Disorderly Conduct, Minor in Possession, or Public Intoxication while vacationing in Pensacola?

Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Minor in Possession, or Public Intoxication in Pensacola


The beautiful white sand beaches and blue-green waters of Pensacola on the Gulf of Mexico are a draw to tourists from all across the country. Senior trips, spring break, and summer vacations bring countless people here to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, the vacation does not always go as planned…

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in the reception area of the Walton County Jail waiting to visit a client. While there a group of college kids from Mississippi walked in to the booking area. They were there to bond out one of their friends. The group had been out at a club in San Destin the night before while on Spring Break. Apparently their friend had had a little too much to drink and was asked to leave the club. One thing led to another and he was arrested for Disorderly Conduct. As I was walking back to meet with my client I heard one of them talking about how their friend was going to have to come all the way back to Walton County to handle his case.

Luckily for him, and for you if you are ever in a similar position, many cases just like this can be handled by your attorney without you ever having to come back to court. To begin, your lawyer can waive your arraignment – the first court date you receive. That saves you one trip right there. For the court dates that follow your lawyer can file a “waiver of presence” so that you do not need to come back for those court dates either. Under Florida law misdemeanor cases can be resolved through what is called a “plea in absentia.” What this means is that, once a resolution is reached, your attorney can prepare an affidavit that lays everything out. All you need to do is sign it, get it notarized, and mail it back. Your lawyer can then go to court and get everything resolved without you being there.

There is a good chance that hiring a local attorney to handle these sorts of Disorderly Conduct, Minor in Possession, and Public Intoxication cases will be cheaper than the cost of all the traveling you would have to do.

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