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Bonds and Warrants –

Nobody wants to sit in jail – that’s obvious, right? But sometimes the bail (or bond) set by the judge is too high and you or your loved ones can’t post it. In those situations a criminal defense lawyer can file a motion with the court requesting that your bond be reduced. Under Florida law an excessive bond is the same thing as not having a bond. Because Florida law gives you a constitutional right to a reasonable bond in the vast majority of cases, an excessive bond is illegal.

A criminal defense attorney can also help you modify not just reduce the money portion of your bond; a criminal defense attorney can help remove bond conditions like Pre-Trial Release, GPS monitors, alcohol monitors, and no-contact provision. For example, in most domestic violence cases the judge is going to order that, before you are released from jail, you have to wear a GPS monitor and not have contact with the alleged victim. The real problem though is that you and your wife live together, she is not afraid of you, she wants you to come home, and she wants the charges dropped because the whole thing was a misunderstanding. In situations like this an attorney is allowed to have contact with the alleged victim and can get an affidavit (a sworn statement) from her asking the judge to remove the GPS monitor and to allow for contact between the two of you. Armed with that affidavit your attorney can file a motion to modify your bond asking that the GPS monitor be removed as a bond condition and that you and your wife can have contact with each other.

Finally, there are situations where you know that you have a warrant out for your arrest and the judge set no bond, or a really high bond that you cannot afford. In situations like this it is important to quickly contact a criminal defense attorney who can file a motion to withdraw the warrant or reduce the bond. The quicker you can do this the better – it never makes a judge happy when you run from a warrant and, as time passes, the less impressed the judge is going to be with you.

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