prescription pill abuse

What you need to know about prescription pill abuse in the Pensacola, Gulf Breeze, Milton & Navarre areas


There has been a recent crackdown on prescription pill abuse, due to a rise in overdoses and widespread availability. Florida is coming down with harsher sentences for prescription drug related charges, and making it more difficult to obtain desired prescription medication.

Prescription drug charges are also reaching new highs in Florida, due to the stricter laws. It is up to you to keep abreast of what these new laws are if you want to avoid potential charges for a prescription related crime. For example, you must carry your proof of prescription when you are carrying your pills with you, either on your person or in your vehicle. If you do not have the proper documentation, possession charges are possible. Additionally, if you possess more prescription pills than you have documentation for, whether the pills are legitimately yours for a medical need or not, charges for trafficking prescription pills are possible.

As noted above, even if charged with a prescription drug crime, it does not mean that you committed the crime. However, it does mean that you have alternative options. A qualified criminal defense attorney can help you develop your defense. Without the right defense, a prescription drug charge carries a felony charge, large fines, and jail time. In addition, because Florida is making a point to crack down on prescription related crimes, and depending on the amount of prescription pills and severity of the crime, you could be facing the maximum punishment.

Make the best decision for your future and hire a qualified criminal defense lawyer to represent you. If you believe that you have an unfair conviction, please contact criminal defense lawyer Jason Cromey to discuss your case.

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