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Should Marijuana be Legal in Florida Right Now


Marijuana’s illegal status in Florida could very well be unconstitutional!

Marijuana’s illegal status Legal disclaimer: marijuana is illegal in Florida right now. Don’t read this blog post to mean that you can walk down the street and smoke a joint without worry. Getting caught with cannabis (marijuana) will get you …



My first DUI – do I really need a lawyer?

I SHOULD HAVE HIRED A LAWYER The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and he mentioned that a few years ago he had been arrested for DUI. He was young, decided to handle it on his …



Pensacola drug possession – BUT THE DRUGS WEREN’T MINE!

BUT THE DRUGS WEREN’T MINE I’ve seen it so many times I can’t count: car gets pulled over, four people in it, and a bag of drugs is found under one of the seats. Nobody owns up to it and …



Racial Bias in Florida Sentencing

Does Racial Bias in Florida Sentencing exist? We would all like to think Racial Bias in Florida Sentencing doesn’t exist. However, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune recently published an article titled “Bias on the Bench” following a year of analyzing sentencing data …

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