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Charged with Disorderly Conduct, Minor in Possession, or Public Intoxication while vacationing in Pensacola?

Arrested for Disorderly Conduct, Minor in Possession, or Public Intoxication in Pensacola I WAS ON VACATION AND I GOT ARRESTED… The beautiful white sand beaches and blue-green waters of Pensacola on the Gulf of Mexico are a draw to tourists …

Bloodshot Eyes in a DUI Case


Don’t let them use “Bloodshot Eyes” against you in a DUI Case!

Do Bloodshot Eyes Mean Anything in a DUI Case? If you have been arrested for DUI there is nearly a 100% chance that the report says that you had “read, bloodshot eyes.” The police are trained to include that language …

bonds and warrants


Everything you need to know about Bonds and Warrants in Escambia County – Cantonment > Navarre

Bonds and Warrants – Nobody wants to sit in jail – that’s obvious, right? But sometimes the bail (or bond) set by the judge is too high and you or your loved ones can’t post it. In those situations a …

Florida Felony Sentencing


Florida Felony Sentencing – You did the crime. How do they calculate the time?

“Scoresheet” Basics – Florida Felony Sentencing – If you have ever faced Florida felony charges, or have been to court with someone who has, you have probably heard people talking about their “score” or “the scoresheet.” What on earth is …

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