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Results Driven Veteran of the Courts:
Criminal Lawyer Jason Cromey, Esq.

Not all criminal attorneys are created equal. The single most important differentiating factor almost always falls to experience. Over the course of my career I have worked in the trenches as a public defender in West Palm Beach. I have helped run a public defender's office in Pensacola with over eighty employees. I hired lawyers. I trained lawyers. I worked homicide and death penalty cases. I have extensive experience in DUI and personal injury cases. As an appellate attorney I have written briefs in Florida's appellate courts and Alabama's Supreme Court. I have honed a skill of making cases off of other attorney's mistakes.

In short, I have experience in spades. Put that experience to work for you.

A personal note from Jason...

I believe in being honest and upfront with my clients. If I think I can help you, I'll tell you. But, more importantly, if I do not think there is much I can to help your situation then I am going to tell you that as well. Unfortunately, there are lawyers in our area, as there are everywhere, who will be happy to tell you what you want to hear and take your money – even if there is nothing they can do for you.

Cromey Law, P.A. is my law firm. I believe in being ethical. Another way of saying that is that I believe in doing the right thing when it comes to dealing with my clients and handling their cases. Because I believe in this, the firm believes in this. When I choose to take your case it is because there is something there that I believe in fighting for.

When you hire Cromey Law, P.A., your case will not be handled by a paralegal, a brand new associate fresh out of law school, or an intern. I will personally handle your case, from beginning to end. It's going to be me you meet with at the office. It's going to be me you speak to on the phone. It's going to be me standing up for you, and next to you, in court.

Many lawyers talk about "not being afraid of trial", about being "aggressive," and taking your case to a jury. I have handled over a thousand cases. I have done jury trials in DUI cases, drug dealing cases, theft cases, murder cases, the list goes on. Lack of experience or fear of trial is not an issue for me. What many of those "aggressive" lawyers don't discuss is that they lack a strong pre-trial and motion practice. Taking a case to trial requires far more work than 1 day in front of a jury. It requires months of hard work and preparation. I believe in a strong pre-trial motion practice and have successfully resolved cases without having to put your freedom at risk. Ask yourself – if there was a way to get my charges thrown out, or significantly reduced, without having to risk everything, wouldn't you want your lawyer to do that for you?

If you are reading this then chances are that you or a loved one is facing criminal charges. No matter how big or how small the charge may seem you are making a great decision by exploring your options and looking for a criminal defense attorney. We understand that you have a list of questions, you may be worried, scared, or upset, and that you just want a few minutes to talk to someone who understands and wants to help you. Contact me today.

-Jason Cromey, Esq.

DUI Charges: Hiring a DUI Lawyer in the Pensacola area

One glass of wine too many over dinner at the restaurant. One cocktail too many watching college football. One beer too many out on the boat on a Saturday afternoon. Whatever the cause, people make mistakes.

Frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone knows somebody who has been arrested for DUI. There is also a good chance that many of those people made a big mistake – either they did not hire a lawyer or they hired the wrong lawyer. The basics of DUI are just that, the basics. Pretty much every lawyer should know those basics. What is important for you is to find a DUI lawyer who knows the advanced rules, laws, and science behind DUI. That's where the real difference come in to play.

Just because the police say you "failed" the field sobriety exercises, or that the breath testing machine said you were over the legal limit, does not mean you don't have a case. Was the traffic stop legal? Were the field sobriety exercises explained properly? Were the exercises demonstrated correctly? Was the breath testing machine working? When was it last inspected? Were your breath samples collected properly? Was the machine properly calibrated? All these are questions that a DUI lawyer should be able to answer for you. If they can't answer these questions then you are working with the wrong lawyer.

A DUI conviction goes on your record forever. It will drastically increase your insurance premiums. Your driver's license could get taken away. Jason Cromey is a member of the National College of DUI Defense and has a wealth of experience tackling DUI charges. You should check out our DUI section for details. Most importantly, don't wait around and let your situation get worse. If you're stressing because you've been charged with DUI and you need help planning your next steps don't delay contact me now.

Marijuana, Pills and Drugs: Hiring a Drug Lawyer in the Pensacola area

Like it or not (I'm guessing not), marijuana is still illegal in Florida. A conviction for one joint makes you a criminal. That one joint has you facing a year in jail and a $1,000 fine. Over 20 grams of pot? Now you are facing felony charges and looking at – no joke – state prison time. Not to mention that you are going to lose your driver's license for a time period longer than you would for your first DUI.

Pills are even more dangerous. With prescription pill abuse on the rise around the country, and Florida being the source of the vast majority of illegal pills around the U.S. today, our state laws on pill possession are incredibly strict and the punishment are huge. One pill equals one felony. That one little Xanax or Roxy is a ticket to circuit court facing a felony charge. If you have more than seven Oxy's then you will be charged as a drug trafficker and will be facing minimum-mandatory prison sentences and a $50,000 fine – even if all the evidence proves that they were only for personal use.

Cocaine, heroine, and methamphetamine are still incredibly common throughout our area. Addiction is a disease and something that we understand. These are serious felony charges that can ruin our entire life if not handled properly in court.

So you've been charged with drug possession charges? What I can do with your case – whether it's getting the charges dropped or keeping your driver's license – depends on the individual facts of your case. Give me a call to talk, or drop me an email with the details.

A Clean Slate: Get your record expunged!

A record will hold you back. There is no question about it. Quite often even a minor offense like marijuana possession can make a difference between whether you get a job or you don't. Thankfully the justice system realizes that sometimes people simply make mistakes and it has created provisions for first-time offenders that may allow them to expunge their record.

Do you qualify? Well, much like anything worthwhile in life, certain restrictions do apply. If you want to know more please visit my expungement section.

Violation of Probation: Hiring Pensacola area probation attorney

Being on probation is tough. There are many strict rules, all sorts of classes and community service work to do. It seems like your probation officer is out to get you. And then it happens – you get violated. Oftentimes the violation was for something completely out of your hands, whether it was having to leave town to be at the bed side of dying relative or not having the money to pay the costs associated with your probation. Whatever the reason odds are there is a warrant out to put you back in jail. Despite what other attorneys will tell you there are many defenses to a Violation of Probation.

We also handle motions to modify probation, early terminate probation, clarify probation terms, and reduce your sentence.

Contact me for a comprehensive review of your probation paperwork so we can evaluate your situation and suggest a path forward.

My Felony & Misdemeanor Defense Experience

On a regular basis I deal with a wide range of cases, handling charges such as DUI, felony DUI, felony drug possession and drug dealing, felony burglary, and misdemeanor cases like domestic violence battery, theft, criminal mischief, and trespassing. I've created a short case summary that shows you the depth of my experience in all areas of criminal law. If you would like to take a look you can access some of my cases here: (misdemeanors) and here: (felonies).

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Jason Cromey - Criminal Attorney

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Jason is licensed in the following jurisdictions:

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  • United State District Court, Northern District of Florida (Federal Court)
  • Alabama State Courts
  • United States District Court, Southern District of Alabama (Federal Court)

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