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Misdemeanor charges are not something to take lightly. Fortunately, you have the right to a trial by jury and a right to have a lawyer represent you. Jason Cromey has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly handle your case.


Any crime that is punishable by a year or less is defined as a misdemeanor under Florida law. While not as serious as felonies, they carry the possibility of jail time, a criminal record, fines, loss of your driver's license, loss of your professional license, take away your ability to qualify for certain jobs or government assistance programs, the list goes on. Some of the most common misdemeanors in Florida, all of which criminal defense Jason Cromey has handled throughout his career, include:

Call Pensacola criminal defense attorney Jason Cromey now if you or one of your loved ones has been arrested for a misdemeanor here in Florida.


Driving Under the Influence (DUI) can wreak havoc on your life. Your arrest gets published in the paper, your driver's license may get taken away, fines and court costs can be expensive, you may wind up on probation or, worse yet, in jail. The laws regulating DUI are complicated and complex. They are made up of state statutes, administrative regulations governing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's Alcohol Testing Program, and the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, among other sources. How these rules and statutes work together can have a significant effect on your individual case, which is why it is important to hire a DUI attorney that knows this stuff inside and out. Jason Cromey was selected several years ago as a member of the National College of DUI Defense, a national organization focused exclusively on the defense of DUI charges.

When people think of DUI they typically think of someone drinking and driving. In those sorts of cases knowledge as to how the Intoxylizer (or breathalyzer) works is of the utmost importance. How can you expect to beat your case if your attorney does not truly understand how the machine works and where to find the data needed to challenge it? DUI can also be based on something that surprises many — your own prescription medication. Just because a doctor gives you a prescription does not necessarily mean you get a free pass. If the medication impairs your ability to drive you may still be guilty of DUI. That is, however, unless your DUI lawyer knows how to attack these sorts of cases. The same is true for DUI's based on the use of illegal drugs such as marijuana or cocaine.

It is important that you immediately contact a DUI attorney. Florida law currently allows those who qualify to obtain a hardship license right away. This license will let you drive to work, to school, to the grocery, to pick up the children…anything to maintain your livelihood. However, you must meet all the requirements within ten (10) days. If you are reading this because you were recently arrested for DUI contact DUI attorney Jason Cromey right away to discuss your case.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence charges come in a variety of forms:

  • Assault
  • Battery
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Domestic Violence by Strangulation
  • Violation of an Injunction
  • Stalking
  • Aggravated Stalking

Be aware: there are few crimes that prosecutors and judges take more seriously than domestic violence. In today's world there is intense media publicity about domestic violence in our communities, and the system is well-aware of that. If you are facing domestic violence charges you need a criminal defense attorney who is not afraid to take your case to trial. Criminal defense attorney Jason Cromey has tried dozens upon dozens of cases to juries, and many of those cases involved domestic violence. With his experience and knowledge of the law he is well-equipped to defend you.


Marijuana – whether you call it marijuana, weed, grass, or smoke, it is still illegal in Florida. No medical cards here. If you get convicted of possessing even a joint of marijuana you could see your drivers license disappear for 1 year – longer than a typical suspension for a first time DUI. On top of that, for simply possessing less than 20 grams of marijuana you face up to 1 year in the county jail. Don't think that it is not a big deal to be arrested and charged with possession of marijuana. While you may think that the prosecutor and judge do not agree. A criminal defense attorney who knows the law can analyze your case to see if the evidence can be suppressed, if statements can be thrown out, and whether there is enough evidence for the government to prove the charge. Call criminal defense attorney Jason Cromey if you find yourself going to court for possession of marijuana.


There are many different types of trespassing. § 810.09, Florida Statutes, defines trespassing on property other than a structure or a car.

An experience criminal knows the trespassing statutes in and out. For example, you are out in the country and walk on to some private land and get arrested for trespassing. In order to be convicted of trespassing on property the government has to prove many technical requirements – many of which they forget about, cannot prove, or do not even realize they have to. In order to convict you of this trespass the government has to prove that (1) signs are no more than 500 feet apart (2) along the boundaries of the property (3) on each corner (4) that the signs say "no trespassing" (5) that the letters are not less than 2 inches in height and (6) that the signs contain the name of the owner of the land. In most of these cases there is little chance the government can win. An aggressive attorney will push them to drop the case, not push you in to taking a plea.

Another common example of trespass is when you are told not to return to a convenience store or kicked out of your house after you and your significant other get in a fight. Many times the store lets you come back the next day and for months to come. Same with your significant other – you two make up and life goes back to normal. Unfortunately, the police do not always know that the trespass warning has been terminated and you get arrested anyways when they find you there.

Again, these are charges that can be fought and can be won. Jason Cromey has represented countless people charged with every sort of trespass during the decade-plus that he has been a criminal defense attorney. Contact him today.

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Underage Drinking/Disorderly Conduct

Pensacola Beach is a great place to be on a sunny summer day, Spring Break, or, frankly, any other time of the year. If you have spent any amount of time on our beach you know that it is crawling with sheriff deputies. Each of those deputies is looking for someone to arrest and the majority of the time it is people who have been drinking. The same is true for downtown on Palafox Street – there are a ton of great restaurants, bars, and clubs…as well as police. You may be the unfortunate one they decide to target when all you are doing is having a good time. That good time can quickly become a nightmare.

If you are from out of town and were arrested for drinking under the age of 21, open container, or disorderly conduct/intoxication, there is a very good chance that criminal defense attorney Jason Cromey can resolve your case without you ever having to come back to Pensacola for court. Contact us today and we can help you resolve your case without having to travel back.

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Petite Theft

Petit Theft can be charged when the value of the thing that is stolen (or attempted to be stolen) is less than $300.00 or when the value cannot be established by the government. Most Petit Theft charges have to do with shoplifting. Many people think that Petit Theft, or shoplifting, is a small crime and not that big of a deal. This is flat wrong. Theft is what is known under Florida law as an "enhancement" crime, meaning that each time you are convicted the next arrest is more serious. Your first one might be a second degree misdemeanor. A few years later you get arrested again – now it's a first degree misdemeanor. A couple of years go by and you get in trouble again for stealing something as small as a chocolate bar from a gas station. Guess what – you have now been charged with a Third Degree Felony. The stakes are real.

Not only does the charge get more severe over time, the immediate consequences can also be serious. Forget for a second that, even on a second degree misdemeanor, you are facing jail time. Think about trying to get a job when you have been convicted for being a thief? Many employers will not even consider hiring you if you have been convicted of stealing. Retail stores are never going to put you near a register. Many professions, such as nursing, look very badly on convictions like this. The crime of theft is considered a crime of "moral turpitude." In plain English that means that you are a person that cannot be trusted and who does not tell the truth.

There are many defenses to these charges and many of these cases can be won at trial. In order to make sure that you do not squander your future over one bad choice contact criminal defense attorney Jason Cromey to help you fight back against the government.

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Traffic and Driver's License Crimes

The different types of driving charges in Florida are too many to even list here, but here are some of the most common ones:

  • Driving While License Suspended
  • Driving without a Valid Driver's License
  • Leaving the Scene of an Accident
  • Reckless Driving
  • Driving in Violation of Driver's License Restrictions
  • Permitting an Unauthorized Person to Drive

It is incredibly important that your attorney has knowledge of Chapters 316 (traffic rules) and 322 (driver's license rules). While many of these crimes seem small, they all involve the possibility of jail time and fines. Certain convictions can make you a Habitual Traffic Offender which causes you to lose your license for five (5) years. Many of them can add points to your driving record, which can cause your license to be suspended and seriously increase your insurance rates. Criminal defense attorney Jason Cromey has the working knowledge necessary to know how to defend against these charges, what pitfalls to avoid, and how to make sure that you aren't surprised by a notice from DMV in the mail that your license has been taken away.

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