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Trespass on School Grounds
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Trespass on School Grounds

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Trespass on School Grounds: F.S. 810.097

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Trespass on School Grounds - This charge is very similar to the other forms of trespass, only that it occurs on school grounds. Ultimately there are four different ways this crime be charged.

The first is that you entered or remained on the campus of a school and you did not have any legitimate business on the campus, or any other authorization to be there. The second way is that you entered or remained on a facility, like a football field, owned by a school, without legitimate business there or permission. The third way to prove it is that you entered on or remained on the campus of the school and the defendant was a student under suspension or expulsion. The final way is that the defendant remained on a school owned facility while under suspension or while expelled.

Section 810.097 defines a school as the grounds or any facility of any kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, junior high school, or secondary school, whether a public or non-public school.

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