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Soliciting a Child for Unlawful Sex
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Soliciting a Child for Unlawful Sex

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Soliciting a Child for Unlawful Sex: F.S. 847.0135(4)

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Soliciting a Child for Unlawful Sex - If you read the local paper there is no doubt that you have seen an article or two about someone trying to organize sex with a minor child and getting caught by the police. Often times these are sting operations where police officers pose as minors in chat rooms or pose as adults in chat rooms and offer to coordinate sex with their fictional child.

The following are the different charges you tend to see involving solicitation of a child for unlawful sex:

  1. Soliciting a Parent, Legal Guardian, or Custodian of a Child for Unlawful Sexual Conduct Using Computer Services or Devices - § 847.0135(3)(a)
  2. Traveling to Meet a Minor - § 847.0135(4)(a)
  3. Traveling to Meet a Minor Facilitated by Parent, Legal Guardian, or Custodian - § 847.0135(4)
  4. Solicitation of a Child under 18 Years of Age or Older But under 18 Years of Age by Person in Familial or Custodial Authority -- § 794.011(8)(b)

These, like all sex offenses, are probably some of the most serious charges someone can find themselves facing. Sure, like many other felonies, there is the distinct possibility of prison time. However, a conviction for charges like these come with something else: a life sentence as a sexual offender or sexual predator.

Being designated a sexual offender or sexual predator will affect where you can live, where you can go, you will be listed all over the internet, the list goes on. On top of that, if you mess up even one of the dozens of sex offender registration requirements you will find yourself back in jail facing another serious felony charge and the chance at yet another prison sentence.

There are defenses to the charges, such as whether or not the police can prove that the defendant was the individual on the internet or in the chat room, whether there was entrapment by the police, and more.

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