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Sale or Delivery of MDMA
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Sale or Delivery of MDMA

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Sale or Delivery of MDMA: F.S. 893.03

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Sale or Delivery of MDMA - MDMA is most commonly known as ecstasy. It is a psychoactive drug that increases euphoria, empathy, and heightens sensations. It is popular in dance clubs, bars, and raves. MDMA usually comes in pill form and the tablets may also be mixed with other drugs like ephedrine, methamphetamine, and opiates. The sale or distribution of ecstasy is a second-degree felony, carrying a possible punishment of up to 15 years in state prison.

While the drug is often associated with good times and partying, getting charged with selling or distributing ecstasy is a serious and sober situation. Like many other controlled substances, the charge goes up if you are charged with selling within a 1000 foot of certain places like schools, churches, daycare facilities, parks, or convenience stores. If you are charged with sale of cocaine within a 1000 foot of one of these locations then you are looking at a first-degree felony charge, punishable by up to 30 years in state prison.

Oftentimes the State will have a hard time being able to establish the requirements to prove that a place qualifies as a church, daycare facility, etc. They usually need to present evidence above and beyond the cop’s testimony.

When facing a charge as serious as selling or distributing MDMA, or ecstasy, you should look for an experienced criminal defense attorney to help you out of your situation.

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