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Synthetic Drug Possession
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Possession of Synthetic Drugs

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Top Synthetic Drug Defense Attorney Jason Cromey, Esq. on:

Possession of Synthetic Drugs: F.S. 893.13

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Possession of Synthetic Drugs- A few years ago, “spice,” synthetic marijuana, was legal and was sold everywhere – gas stations, convenience stores, even comic book stores. The same was true for other types of synthetic drugs. The government quickly acknowledged the dangerousness of these substances and started passing legislation making it illegal.

The list of controlled substances under Section 893.03 grew rapidly. Despite the efforts, chemist tried to out-clever the system by making slight changes to the chemical structures of these synthetic drugs. However, the law provides that getting caught with something that is structurally similar to an already banned substance is just as illegal. Don’t think you're clever and have found something knew.

While the case may be won in the end by a seasoned criminal defense lawyer who understands the science behind this stuff, and how to attack it, you’re better off not thinking that you’ve gamed the system in the first place. If you’re caught with one of these banned synthetic drugs you will be facing a third-degree felony under Section 893.13, Florida Statutes. One little bag of spice will have you looking at up to 5 years in prison.

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