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Possession of Burglary Tools
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Possession of Burglary Tools

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Possession of Burglary Tools: F.S. 810.06

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Possession of Burglary Tools - If someone is caught committing or attempting to commit a burglary or trespass they may have more problems on their hands than they realized. If that person is caught with a crowbar, bolt cutters, or other tool that could be used to commit a burglary or trespass then they could be facing an additional felony charge. § 810.06, Florida Statutes, lays out the elements of the crime of Possession of Burglary Tools:

  1. the defendant intended to commit a burglary or trespass;
  2. the defendant has in his possession a tool, machine, or implement, that the defendant intended to use, or allow to be used, in the commission of the burglary or trespass; and
  3. the defendant did some overt act toward the commission of a burglary or trespass. Under Florida law this crime is a third degree felony which means that, in addition to the burglary or trespass charges, you could be facing an additional five (5) years in state prison.

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