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Drug Dealing
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Drug Dealing

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Drug Dealing

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Drug Dealing - Drug dealing, known under Florida law as “sale or delivery,” is a crime that carries a variety of potential punishments, as well as legal defenses, depending on what the drug is, the weight of the drug, and where it is sold.

For example, the punishments for selling a small amount of marijuana are considerably less than selling a large amount of cocaine. The punishment is more severe if you are accused of selling drugs near a school, near a daycare facility, near a city park, or near a place of worship, such as a church.

Another common way of charging drug dealing is not for the actual “dealing” itself, but rather, for the possession of drugs with the intent of selling them. The government often tries to prove this crime by arguing that the weight of the drugs, the packaging of the drugs, or the drugs in combination with other things that are found (like scales), prove the defendant’s intentions to sell or distribute the drugs.

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