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Child related Crimes
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Crimes on Children

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Crimes on Children

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Crimes on Children - Crimes against children vary greatly in terms of severity of the crime and charges. On one end there are crimes like Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor (giving a beer to someone under 21 years old) and on the other end of the spectrum are crimes like Aggravated Child Abuse and sex crimes against children. No matter where on this spectrum the accusation against you or a loved one falls, these crimes require special handling.

For example, when it comes to allegations of child sexual abuse, many experienced criminal defense lawyers agree that it is up to the defense lawyer to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that his client is innocent, rather than the burden being on the prosecutor to prove your client’s guilt. The reason for that is simple – a jury is going to ask themselves “why would a child lie about something like this?” In many child abuse cases, whether it is only allegations of physical abuse, that is exactly the question that your criminal lawyer must be able to answer.

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